Index is one of the most popular type of CFD trading. IV Markets offers major index CFDs in the world, as well as highly competitive point spread.

Why invest in index CFDs?

  • Margin Trading

    Index CFDs is a leveraged derivative product which enable clients to trade with less required margin and increase your capital utilization.

  • Instant Trading

    One click trading without delay.

  • Two-way Trading

    Either buying or selling can be done in real time. Whether in a bull market or a bear market, you can make a profit through short-term trading.

  • Diversified Portfolios

    Increase access to the top financial markets in the world and gain more trading opportunities.

  • High efficiency, low transaction costs

    The cost of a CFD transaction is relatively low comparing to stocks and futures, and you only need to pay for the spread. If you hold a position overnight, the interest will be calculated on a daily basis.

  • High market liquidity

    Using high-end trading technology of IV Markets to carry out large scale transactions.

Why Trade Index CFDs in IV Markets?

  • 24 hours of continuous trading

    There are always trading opportunities whether it is mainstream or niche index.

  • High leverage

    The maximum leverage is 1:500

  • Low spread

    The spread is as low as 0.5 pips, there is no hidden markup on our index CFDs neither re-quotes.

  • Computer, mobile phone and tablet

    Our trading platform supports a variety of devices, making it easy to trade anywhere and anytime.

Spread Sheet

Symbol Description Types ECN STP
AUS200 AUS200 Cash Spot 1.0 1.0
CHINA50 China50 (USD) Spot 6.0 6.0
EUSTX50 EUSTX50 Cash Spot 1.0 1.0
FRA40 FRA40 Cash Spot 0.7 0.7
GER30 GER30 Cash Spot 1.3 1.3
HKG33 HKG33 Cash Spot 3.7 3.7
JPN225 JPN225 Cash Spot 5.0 5.0
NAS100 NAS100 Cash Spot 0.8 0.8
SA South Africa 40 Cash Spot 12.5 12.5
SPX500 SPX500 Cash Spot 0.4 0.4
UK100 UK 100 Cash Spot 1.2 1.2
US2000 US SMALL CAP 2000 - CASH Spot 6.6 6.6
US30 US30 Cash Spot 1.4 1.4
USDX US Dollar Index Future CFD (USD) Futures 0.02 0.02
VIX Volatility Index Futures 0.07 0.07
ES35 ES35 Index Cash Spot 37.5 37.5
INDIA50 India 50 - CASH Spot 7.3 7.3
The spreads shown are the average spreads and may change in real-time.



Ms.Xu deposited $10000 on June 21, shorted 1 lot NAS100 at 7293.50 on the same day, and closed her position at 7017.20 on June 25, making a profit of 276.3 pips. The profit for this trade is $276. On July 5, longed 2 lots of NAS100 at 7722.20 and the position was closed at 7318.80 on July 10, making a profit of 316.6 pips. The profit for this trade is $633.2.

The total profit for the two trades is $909.5 Profit and loss calculation method of NAS100 Profit on June 25 = $ 276.3= -(7017.20-7293.50)* $ 1 * 1
Profit on July 10 = $ 633.2=(7318.80-7002.20)* $ 1 * 2

(close price - open price) *contract size* trading lot sizes = profit or loss    Please note that the roll over fee and trading cost are not included in the calculation of profit and loss in this case.