IV Markets provides cryptocurrency CFDs, one of highly popular ways of trading cryptocurrency, that enable investors to buy long and sell short of cryptocurrency.

Why invest in Cryptocurrency CFDs?

  • Buy or sell

    By making predictions about price volatility in cryptocurrency, investors can find opportunities for capital gain when price goes up and down.

  • Leveraged trading

    Use of leverage in cryptocurrency CFD trading, investors can use less money to trade with greater positions.

  • Risk Management

    When trading cryptocurrency CFDs, investors can manage risk through stop-loss and trailing stop loss orders.

  • Greater Volatility

    Cryptocurrency has greater price fluctuations compared to other financial products. This provides short-term investors with opportunities for greater capital gain.

Why trade cryptocurrency in IV Markets?

  • The Most Popular

    Since the creation of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and Ethereum have gained the most popularity. IV Markets provides CFDs including BTCUSD and ETHUSD.

  • One Account

    Opening a trading account enables exposure to a wide variety of CFDs and investors do not need to own any cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Safety

    When choosing to trade cryptocurrency CFDs with IV Markets, investors do possess cryptocurrency physically and do not need to worry about risk associated cryptocurrency storage.

  • Multilingual customer support

    IV Markets has a multilingual customer service team that provides 24-hour service 5 days a week. Clients can get immediate support and feedback on their queries.

Spread Sheet

Symbol Description Types ECN STP
BCHUSD Bitcoin Cash CFD 3.9 3.9
BTCUSD Bitcoin CFD 49.7 49.7
ETHUSD Ethereum CFD 3.6 3.6
LTCUSD Litecoin CFD 2.0 2.0
This chart displays latest information at the time of publication. To check newest spread or margin, please refer to data shown on the trading platform.
Please notice spread's volume changes according to the markets condition.