VPS, short for Virtual private server, can minimize the delay between the MT4 client terminal and the MT4 server. By using the data center system in a safer location, traders can maximize their use online to experience faster execution speed, obtain higher transaction volume, and seize better trading opportunities.

To optimize your trading experience, IV Markets provides VPS services for clients!

Tier 1 Tier 2
Reimbursement cap 20 USD/ month 30 USD/ month
Reimbursement thresholds Initial funds >3000 USD
Trading lots/month >5 standard lots
Initial funds >5000 USD
Trading lots/month >10 standard lots

* "Month" here is defined as 30 calendar days from the date of VPS activation. The activation date is subject to the time indicated in the reimbursement voucher.

Application Instructions

1. Customers need to order the VPS service by themselves, and send a reimbursement application email (please attach the voucher)
to [email protected]. after reaching the reimbursement threshold. Once the review is completed, IV Markets will directly issue the reimbursement fee to the MT4 account. The reimbursement application email will not be processed before the service threshold is reached.

The reimbursement application email template is shown as follows:

Subject XXX (customer name)-XXX (MT4 account number)-VPS expense reimbursement application
Recipient[email protected]
MT4 account number: XXX
Purchase date (must be consistent with the invoice time): XXX
Purchase amount: XXX USD

2. You can apply for VPS reimbursement fees purchased up to 3 months before the email is sent (but the reimbursement threshold must be met).

Note: IV Markets recommends a high-quality VPS service provider-4X Hosting
which is well-known for its cutting-edge technology and professional services. For more details, please visit https://www.4xhosting.com/.

Risk Statement
1. The above VPS service is provided by a third party, and IV Markets is not responsible for any transaction losses caused by the VPS failure.
2. If there is any problem while using the VPS service, clients need to communicate with the service provider on their own.
3. It is recommended that clients fully understand the relevent characteristics of EA before using the VPS service, and fully consult with EA suppliers.

  • 24/7 Trading

    You can run the EA 24 hours a day,
    even when the computer is turned off.

  • Reduce Latency

    VPS can act as a powerful transaction server,
    providing clients a faster executing speed.

  • Easy Access

    You can easily log in to your platform
    from any computer and any place.

  • Maximum Stability

    You will no longer be limited by local network restrictions, such as poor network quality, network connection failures and other issues.

  • Strong Compatibility

    Highly compatible with multiple operating systems of Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Private Server

    This server is dedicated to EA trading,
    and any other applications will not be running at the same time.