IV Markets provides traders with access to the most liquid commodity trading markets offering flexible trading leverage to trade the most popular commodities in the world such as gold, silver and crude oil.

Why invest in commodities?

Commodities are the backbone of the global economy and the most dynamic components of the political economy. With IV Markets, you can trade gold, silver and crude oil

  • Expand investment opportunities.

    Adding Commodities to your portfolio can expand the scope of investment products.

  • Inflation hedge

    Commodity prices are rising with inflation, which is one of the effective ways to hedge inflation risks.

  • Risk diversification

    There is a big difference in the performance of commodities and other assets. Commodities are affected by market supply and demand. Negative news about the other assets tends to be positive for commodities.

  • Hedging

    The combination of commodities can effectively hedge high risks. For example, when you long oil and gas you can hedge geopolitical risk. When you long gold you can hedge the risk of turmoil in financial market.

Why Trading Commodities in IV Markets?

  • Low spread

    The spread of commodities can be as low as 1 pip.

  • High liquidity

    IV Markets connects traders into the most liquid commodity trading markets.

  • The leverage is up to 1:500

    You can trade with a small amount of capital and increase your capital utilization.

Product List

Symbol Description Types
Cocoa-C US Cocoa - Cash Spot
Coffee-C Coffee Arabica - Cash Spot
COPPER-C Copper-Cash Spot
Cotton-C Cotton - Cash Spot
GAS-C Gasoline-Cash Spot
Gasoil-C Low Sulphur Gasoil - Cash Spot
NG-C Natural Gas-Cash Spot
OJ-C Orange Juice - Cash Spot
Soybean-C Soybean - Cash Spot
Sugar-C No. 11 Sugar Raw - Cash Spot
Wheat-C US Wheat (SRW) - Cash Spot
XALUSD Aluminium vs. US Dollar Spot
XPTUSD Platinum vs US Dollar Spot
XPDUSD Palladium - Cash Spot
UKOUSD Spot Brent Crude Oil Spot
USOUSD Spot WTI Crude Oil Spot
CL-OIL Crude Oil Future CFD (USD) Futures
UKOUSDft Brent Crude Oil Future Futures
XAGUSD Silver - US Dollar Spot
XAUAUD Gold Spot (AUD) Spot
XAUEUR Gold Spot (EUR) Spot
XAUUSD Gold US Dollar Spot
XAUUSD.m Mini Forex Gold Spot
GAUUSD Gold in Grams / USD Spot
This chart displays latest information at the time of publication. To check newest spread or margin, please refer to data shown on the trading platform.
Please notice spread's volume changes according to the markets condition.



Mr. Wang deposited $3000 on July 24,
, went long for 0.2 lots of gold at 1223.65 on the night of July 25, closed his position at 1234.15 on July 26, making profit of 105 pips. The profit for this trade is $210. On July 26 shorting 0.6 lots of gold at 1230.34 and closing at 1222.29 on July 27, making profit of 80.5 pips. The profit for this trade is $483.The total profit for the two trades is $693.

Profit and loss calculation method of gold: Profit on July 26 = (1234.15-1223.65)*100*0.2 = $210
Profit on July 27 = - (1222.29-1230.34) *100*0.6 = $483

(close price - open price) * contract size* trading lot sizes = profit or loss    Please note that the roll over fee and trading cost are not included in the calculation of profit and loss in this case