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In a market that’s constantly evolving, we at IV Markets have always tried to stay a step ahead. In this effort, we have now taken the leap to become more customer-centric, cutting-edge, and fully regulated.

It gives us immense delight to inform you that IV Markets is now STARTRADER– the world’s fastest-growing broker.

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IV Markets Support Team

Registration period

From 00:00 Feb 14th, 2022 to 23:59 April 10th, 2022 (based on MT4 time) Each deposit made during the period (with the minimum requirement met) can get the credit bonus. Credit bonus will automatically show in the trading account after the valid deposit(s).

  • Applicable Products

    Trading FX pairs, XAUUSD, XAGUSD, XAUAUD, XAUEUR and CL-OIL(1000 buckets) for 1 lot on MT4 are recorded as 1 standard lot. Trading INDEX, UKOUSD, USOUSD, and mini Gold (XAUUSD.m+, XAUUSD.m) for 1 lot on MT4 are recorded as 0.1 of 1 standard lot. Commodities, Stock CFDs and Crypto are not applicable.

  • Participants

    The Bonus offer is applicable for new accounts or same name accounts opened during promotion period, each account can receive up to 10,000 USD. (High leverage accounts are not eligible for this promotion.)

  • Trading account
  • Deposit amount0.00USD
  • Bonus attainable0.00USD
  • Actual Release Bonus0.00USD
  • Trading lots need to complete0.00Lots
  • Status of approved withdrawal available : No
  • Completed trading lots
  • Lots need to complete: 0
  • Next Bonus Level(USD/Lots)
    0.00USD / 0.00Lots

Terms and Conditions

1. Once signed up successfully through the “Client Center”, your Bonus amount is generated from all deposits following your registration and will be delivered to your trading account within one working day. If any withdrawal or transfer application are made, the amount will be deducted from your Bonus proportionally. If more deposits were made following that point, only the new deposits will be calculated for bonus. Minimum deposit required is 250 USD and the maximum bonus for each account is 10,000 USD.

For example, a deposit of 1,000 USD, the bonus you'll receive is 1000*20% = 200 USD.

2. Client needs to fulfill the required trading volume before April 30th. If the required volume were met, bonus can be withdrawn or continued to be used for trading; if not, credit bonus cannot be withdrawn.

Bonus levels: 50 USD per 20 lots, 100 USD per 40 lots, 150 USD per 60 lots, 200 USD per 80 lots, 250 USD per 100 lots, 350 USD per 140 lots,450 USD per 180 lots,550 USD per 220 lots, (550+150n) USD per (550+150n)*0.4 lots, 10000 USD per 4000 lots.

For example: 1,000 USD was deposited on Feb 14th, 2022, and 200 USD bonus was delivered to the account on the same day. The client needs to complete 60 lots before April 30th, 2022 in order to receive 150 USD bonus or deposit more to win more bonus and achieve higher levels of trading volume.

3. Only closed positions will be calculated.Open positions will not be calculated.

4. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional privileges. If the client is already participating an on-going promotion, the previous promotion needs to be completed before joining a new one. If the client terminates the previous promotion before completing, client needs to acknowledge that all bonuses and rewards have been given up voluntarily.

5. Same name accounts are eligible to join but will be calculated individually. Transactions between same name accounts will not be counted. Any application to withdraw or transfer out to other same name accounts will result in proportional bonus deduction.

6. Bonus can be used to hedge losses.

When equity/credit is less than or equal to 120%, IV Markets will remind the clients to ensure there are sufficient fund in account throughout the promotion period, this is crucial for you to receive the 20% bonus. When equity is 0, the account will be switched to read-only mode and therefore be limited from trading.

7. If credit balance is used when opening a position, trading volumes from those trades will solely be used for bonus calculation purpose.

8. Clients have the full obligation to keep a sufficient margin level within promotion period. Withdrawal or bonus cancellation might result in lower margin for your positions and might cause liquidation due to insufficient margin. Client should carefully consider the risk tolerance level and financial situation prior making any withdrawal request.

9. Required trading volume needs to be completed before April 30th 23:59:59 (MT4 time), if not, bonus will be removed after the trading period. If client still holds a position upon bonus removal, please ensure that there are sufficient margin to avoid liquidation.

10. Clients who have met the requirement can contact your client manager or email [email protected] to apply for bonus release. Please specify the following information: full name, account number, phone number, promotion name, sign up date, bonus and your accumulated trading volume.

11. Bonus redemption needs to be applied latest by April 30th, 2022, 23:59:59, late applications will be considered as giving waiver to the promotion.

12. Once the bonus redemption is approved, it will be released within 10-15 working days.

13. When settling the completion of the required lots, the bonus will be given depending on the completed level under the moment a client applies for redemption. The rest of the bonus will be withdrawn after lots settlement. Clients who participate in this offer are not allowed to participate in other ongoing promotions.

14. During the promotion, any breach of these Terms and Conditions of the promotion such as using the same IP address for trading at the same time, conducting unauthorized, misconduct, fraudulent or other improper usage such as arbitrage, scalping, high-frequency trading, latency arbitrage and malicious hedging with multiple accounts(including but not limited to IV Markets internal accounts, but also between accounts of different brokers) etc. IV Markets has the right to decline participation, immediately cancel one's qualification, deduct improper profits and terminate the partnership with clients.

Any termination of the partnership (disqualification of promotions, deduction of improper profits, etc.) caused by imporper trading shall be borne by traders themselves. IV Markets has sole descretion to determine the trading methods. In addition, for the protection of client's right and privacy, IV Markets may not be able to provide relevent proof.

Clients participating in this promotion are regarded as fully understanding and accepting of the content herein. IV Markets reserves the right to take appropriate legal action against participants who violate the terms of this offer with suspicious or illegal trading behavior, or by sharing content on any media channels that IV Markets considers to be harmful to our brand.

15. When a client's balance becomes negative during the promotion, the bonus will be offset against the loss caused by the negative balance. When your negative balance exceeds 1000USD, IV Markets reserves the right to refuse client to clear negative balance.

16. IV Markets reserves the right of final to suspend, modify or terminate this promotion.

Risk Warning

The purpose of the bonus is set to increase in profits instead of credit loan, thus clients should always be aware of its actual margin amount at any time. When the actual available margin in your account is insufficient, you shall add more margin in time to avoid automatic position closure to your account. Accordingly, please note that IV Markets will not be responsible for any risks emitted from the above mentioned.

IV Markets provides leveraged derivative products including forex and CFD. Please note that leveraged products may NOT be suitable for all investors since these carry high level of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose more than your net deposit. It is your responsibility to fully understand that when trading on a margin or leverage basis, your capital is at risk, and carefully consider your investment objectives, trading knowledge, experience, and affordability. Please do not trade if you are unable to afford the loss that the trading may bring. It is recommended to seek independent and professional suggestions if you have any questions or concerns about the products IV Markets provides.

Please note that IV Markets do NOT intervene or take responsibility for the loss caused by following trading advice or copy trades.