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IV Markets is now STARTRADER

Dear Patron,

In a market that’s constantly evolving, we at IV Markets have always tried to stay a step ahead. In this effort, we have now taken the leap to become more customer-centric, cutting-edge, and fully regulated.

It gives us immense delight to inform you that IV Markets is now STARTRADER– the world’s fastest-growing broker.

Start trading with the world’s fastest-growing broker

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IV Markets Support Team

Applicable Products

This event is only for IV Markets, FX pairs,Gold, Silver, Oil and Index products. Commodities and Crypto are not applicable.

Promotion period

Application period will be (00:00 2021/05/31 - 23:59 2021/08/30 [MT4 Time]).


New account or same name account open during promotion period. Only 1 credits bonus valid per MT4 account.

  • Trading account
  • Deposit amount0.00USD
  • Bonus attainable0.00USD
  • Trading lots need to complete0.00Lots
  • Status of approved withdrawal available : No
  • Completed trading lots
  • Lots need to complete: 0
  • Total trading lots need to complete

Terms and Conditions

1. Client needs to open live trading account(s) of IV Markets successfully during promotion period and first time deposits should be not less than 50 USD. The client will get 100% of First time deposit as welcome bonus. (Maximum of bonus is 5000 USD for each account)
For example: If a client deposits 1000 USD, the client will get 1000*100%= 1000 USD as welcome bonus.

2. Only First Time Deposit (FTD) can enjoy welcome bonus (Maximum of bonus is 5000 USD per account).The total deposits within 48 hours are calculated as the first deposit.

3. For qualified client, welcome bonus will be credited into the trading account as a form of credit within 1-2 working days

4. Qualified clients will have 6 months to complete the required trading lots after the first time deposit is made. If the trading lots requirement is fulfilled, the bonus can be freely withdrawn or continue to be used for trading. Or else,the issued bonus will be deducted from trading account at last day of the 6 months' trading priod.

5. IB & Retail clients: From the date of first issued bonus, the required trading lots: Bonus amount*0.2.
For Example: Retail Client deposit 1000 USD, and get 1000 USD bonus in credit within same day. The client needs to complete 1000*0.2=200 trading lots.

6. Trading UKOUSD, USOUSD, and mini Gold (XAUUSD.m #, XAUUSD.m+, XAUUSD.m) for 1 lot on MT4 are recorded as 0.1 of 1 standard lot. 1 lot of other standard contract trading products is counted as 1 standard lot.

7. Only closed positions will be calculated. Open positions will not be calculated.

8. Same name trading accunt can join this promotion. Each trading account will be reviewed in terms of the amount of deposit and trading lots independently.
Internal transfer within same name trading accounts will not apply in this promotion.

9. If client withdraws or transfers out fund to another trading account before completing trading lots requirement, the issued bonus will be deducted and the trading account is disqualified. Client still can open new additional trading account and deposit to join promotion.

10. Bonus can't be used to hedge losses.
equity/credit<=110% : IV Markets will remind customers to pay attention to risks by email;
equity/credit<=95%: the system will automatically reclaim the bonus in full. If the credit is insufficient when the bonus is reclaimed, the balance will be deducted from the equity of MT4 account, and the equity of the account may become negative . (When there is a trading loss to bonus, the trading lots generated by the bonus cannot be counted in bonus trading lots and IB rebate calculation.)
Please ensure that you have sufficient funds for trading during the promotion, which is important for you to successfully obtain 100% bonus.

11. After the bonus is reclaimed by system, if the client wants to continue participating in the campaign, he/she can open a new same name account and re-deposit. The new bonus amount will be based on the deposit amount of the new same name account. The final bonus amount calculated is only the bonus amount in the newly opened same name account, and does not include the bonus received from the previous account.

12.The number of trading lots of the accounts which bonus has been reclaimed can be inherited to new same name trading account. (this accumulation of the same name account is only applicable to client who wants to continue participating in the campaign after the bonus is reclaimed. Bonuses for other same name accounts are still calculated independently). The tranding time is still calculated in 6 months from the time of the first participation period . If you wants to apply for accumulating the trading lots of the liquidation account into a new same name account, you are required to contact us by email or contact your account manager accordingly.

13. Clients have the full obligation to keep a sufficient margin level within promotion period. Withdrawal or bonus cancelation might result in lower margin for your positions and might cause liquidation due to insufficient margin. Client should carefully consider the risk tolerance level and financial situation prior making any withdrawal request.

14. During the event, in the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions of the Event such as using the same IP address for trading at the same time, conducting unauthorized, misconduct, fraudulent or other improper usage such as arbitrage, scalping and malicious hedging with multiple accounts etc, IV Markets has the right to decline participation or immediately cancel one's qualification. This event is not shared with other events during the same period.

15. IV Markets reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

Risk Warning

The bonus amount will be credited to clients’ trading account in the form of credit bonus; it can only be converted to cash bonus when fulfilling the minimum volume of transaction. Therefore, the bonuses can alter the free margin level shown on the MT4 platform, but has no influence on the auto-liquidation ration of positions based on the original fund. Therefore, you may not use bonus to replenish your losses.

The purpose of the bonus is set to increase in profits instead of credit loan, thus clients should always be aware of its actual margin amount at any time. When the actual available margin in your account is insufficient, you shall add more margin in time to avoid automatic position closure to your account. Accordingly, please note that IV Markets will not be responsible for any risks emitted from the above mentioned.