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  • Terms & Conditions

    IV Markets has all the operation right to the provided services through the App and other network in use from clients. IV Markets provides the services which are in accordance to its published policies, service agreement and operation regulations. We hereby notify you should read all the content carefully in this agreement, and agree to the following terms before becoming our client (Here client is defined as and including: All IV Markets users such as visitors, free registered users) and those who visits to our website or App and use our services. After registration, you may become IV Markets official client and allow to use all services provided by IV Markets. If you are aged under 16, you should visit or use IV Markets website with the verifiable consent and guidance of your legal guardian. Clients who visit or wish to register, press the "Agree" botton, meaning that the client completely and willingly accepts all contents within this agreement. If you do not agree on any of the terms in this agreement, to protect you and our rights, you should stop visiting, registrating or use IV Markets services.
    IV Markets preserves all user agreement (service agreement) interpretation and modification rights.

  • Service Content

    IV Markets uses its operation systems via worldwide internet to offer clients financial information services. In the meantime, users should:
    1) Please self-equip all the necessary devices to surf on the internet including personal computers, modem or other necessary devices.
    2) You are in charge of all spendings online and other relevant telephones, internet, message fees.
    Through the importance of the internet service provided my IV Markets, users should agree according to IV Markets:

    1) Provide detail, accurate and real personal information.
    2) Ensure updated registering information that complies with instant, detail, accurate and real requisites.
    IV Markets has the right to change service agreement when necessary. Once the terms has been modified, it will be reminded on our important page, you should go and check accordingly to relavant pages to get the newest update news. If you do not agree the changes, you can cancel your internet service within 14-day. If you continues to use our services, you will be regarded as accepting to our changes to the service agreement contents.

  • Client privacy rights

    Respecting your privacy is one of IV Markets fundamental policy, please visit "Privacy Protection Policies"

    User Account, Member Name, Password and Security.

    After successful login, all operation done will be considered as an agreement by yourself, and you have also agreed to any changes of information, authorization under your account. Therefore, please keep your account, username and password safe to avoid any theft or data leakage. Note that you will be responsible to all damages and losses to your account, IV Markets will not be responsible for it. If you have forgotten your password or in suspicion of thefting, please provided your registered e-mail address and contact number when you contact IV Markets. If you refuse to provide them, IV Markets has all the right to preserve your information for confidential purposes and no obligation to tell. You may change your login password anytime you want, you may also apply for a new user account, under any insufficient proofs, you may not delete old account. If you agree and finds out any illegal usage of user account or any security breach, please notify IV Markets. You must fulfill the following rules when applying for the account:

    1. Registered user account and usage must comply with the appropiate manner, moral rights on the internet, and fully respect and follow local legistrations. You are fully aware that you should provide real, accurate personal information while registering account, you are responsible and ensuring for instant updates. According to the law: we will need you to complete real name verification.
    2. User account name and any of the content in your account must not include illegal, threats, abuse, sexual or any kinds of assault, damaging, aggressiveness, harrassment, insults or damaging others intellectual rights and other rights to wordings and contents.
    3. Your registered IV Markets account are only available for your own usage. The e-mail address you have provided is limited to your use only. You should be responsible for keeping your user account safe, this means no transference, selling or sharing any unauthorized partial/full contents to third parties through IV Markets. IV Markets possesses full right to send out warnings or terminate your service agreement without notice, or temporarily suspend, stop your account and services without being responsible to it.
    4. You should obtain services when you have successfully registered as IV Markets client. If you have registered through any illegal ways or without any of IV Markets permission to acquire selling or unauthorized usage of IV Markets account including transfer, sharing, thefting, or using others user account, username by frauding, you will be responsible for all these actions. IV Markets will preserve the right to track and press charges against you for any damage loss to IV Markets rights.
    5. Users should strictly abide by IV Markets service agreement and the appropriate registration, you will be responsible for any actions caused to IV Markets while a member (this includes uploading real content, legitimate: Your point view, participating events etc.) All above terms do not represent IV Markets standpoint, recommendation or advice, IV Markets thereby not responsible for it.

  • Client's information storage, limitation and rational usage

    IV Markets will not be responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, responsibility to your published information or data deletion nor failure to save. IV Markets has imposed a limit to the upload of messages, but has the determination to judge if you fulfill and meet the service agreement's requirement in terms of mental preservation right. If IV Markets believes you have violated the service agreement, your published contents violation or receiving claiming rights or other complaint notices, IV Markets has the right to adapt necessary precautions to limit, lock, or terminate your account and shut down your services.

  • User Management

    You agree to take responsibility to any published contents, joining forums, commenting, and joining events under your account. Your usage on the IV Markets network shall comply with our national legislation, administration laws, you have also agreed the following:

    1. While sending messages, you must comply with local legislation, administration and other relevant international articles and laws, without violating the right of the third party. All contents you have published on IV Markets has granted us authorization right and out branches, cooperate enterprises, partners the permission right from permanent unwithrawable, global, cost-free, excluding, non-limiting.
    2. Use our services without any illegal purposes
    3. Do not interfere or causes trouble to the internet service
    4. Abide by all internet service agreements, policies, regulations and procedures.
    5. Users may not use the following in this agreement: (subscribed account, password, and services enjoyed) and the obligation to transfer all or partial contents to third parties. You are responsible for all emerged consequences and prevent IV Markets from any damages and losses.
    6. When you have dicovered that your user information has somehow leaked or being theft, please do contact us through: [email protected] inmediately. We will also send out a notice to inform you of any unusual activities to your account login, to restrict and lock down the user account to ensure safety and your rights. At this point, please follow the warning instructions steps to make sure your account is restored and back to normal.

    Users will be responsible for any legal outcomes to their account under IV Markets. If you publish or spread anything that its in violation to the terms and rules established by local legislation in IV Markets, the system will auto record your actions as proof for legal purposes.

  • Service Change, Termination

    Users or IV Markets may terminate one or more online services according to actual conditions. We wish you understand and agree, IV Markets has the right to decide operation strategies and preserve its operation decisions, internet technology, security, legal rights, supervision department's requisites or other force majeure that may exercise to changes, termination, or suspend service rights, and does not take any reposibility to clients nor third parties.

    If users violate any promises or terms in this agreement, IV Markets has the right to terminate the service agreement without notice, stop, or shut down your account and services. IV Markets preserve the rights to pursue you with the damages caused and losses to IV Markets.

    If users disagree with the service agreement after modification, or unsatisfied to IV Markets services, clients may:
    1. Stop all IV Markets online services
    2. Notify IV Markets to terminate your user services
    After termination, the user will have no rights and IV Markets is no longer obliged to deliver any unhandled message or incomplete services to users or third parties.

  • Notice

    All notices sent to users can be viewed from important webpages announcement or e-mail or other regular mails. This agreement's modification, service changes or other important event shall be reported according to any of the above methods.

  • All rights to internet service contents

    Please make sure you have read and agreed on all the content of the copyright of IV Markets. IV Markets internet services are defined as: words, voice, graphics, pictures, video, data, charts, announcements, information, messages, and all contents within events and activities. All contents are protected by copyright, trademsark, owner rights. Thereby, users may only use these contents under IV Markets approval and it is not allowed to deliver usage to third parties, including but not limited to replicate, cuttings, and recreating all these contents, or create relevent products. IV Markets has all the article rights and authorship and/or IV Markets all rights, may not transfer, edit, sell, or any other methods without IV Markets permission. You may contact [email protected] to consult IV Markets content authorization, usage and other intellectual rights. All articles and contents on the platform depends on your account type and subscription stypes in IV Markets. For unapproved users, or those who violate the agreement and any other forms within the content and copyrights, IV Markets have the right to adjust, restrict or terminate your right to visit and account.

    IV Markets will not take responsibility for any information provided by the third party through their website and links. All disputes caused from you and the third party shall be resolve by yourself and the third party.

  • Legislation and Regulation

    You and IV Markets have agreed to abide by local jurisdication. If any forms of the service agreement contradict the local laws, then these service agreements will be reinterpreted as much as possible, while other terms will sustain the legal rights to clients.

  • Privacy Protection Policy

    IV Markets privacy protection policy
    IV Markets highly values user's privacy. When we are offering customized and valuable services, we dedicate to protect every client's privacy. Privacy protection policies includes the way IV Markets handle data. If you have any demand base on personal information, or ways to operation, please e-mail us to [email protected] and contact our privacy policy specialists.
    The privacy policy does not restrain IV Markets link which appeared in third parties website. We suggest to view the privacy protecition policy on all the browsing websites.

  • Collect messages

    Personal Information is collected through the following IV Markets adapting adequate legislations.
    Passing query, registration and registration form
    When you register, impose, or purchase our products and services, or participate events
    Detailed personal messages provided from us thourgh the internet and other paths.
    All collected personal information we have collected might include but not limited to the following:
    Persoanl messages: Name, Gender, Birthday
    Personal Information: Home address, recipients address, home number, mobile number, e-mail address
    Working status: Position, Department, Company's name, Company's address, telephone, e-mail and fax number
    Login Information: Such as username, password
    Market Research: such as readers style and preference.

    Other messages such as:
    Your opinions, evaluations to our products and serivces. Your preference.

    Under some circumstances, we may collect your information from our partners or the public to enhance our overall services and better understand out readers. For instance, we might acquire information from our guests by holding activities through public events.

    When you login into the website, the system will automatically collect relevant information. To know more details, please read "Cookies usage"

  • Personal Message usage and publicity

    We might use your information for the following:
    To provide clients a more personilized services
    Handling subscriptions, orders, registration and search
    Proceed with market investigation and research
    Hold competition events
    We provide our products, services, and activities (if you agree to accept these information)

    Offer you with product promotion and service information selected by IV Markets through the third party by e-mail or phone messages. If you are not interested in receiving any of those, you may cancel subscription or contact us.
    Share the third party's products or services that you are interested in with us
    To know more details, please read "Cookies"

    We may publish your information through the following: UK Financial times and its affiliates, working partners (Advertisement, organization, recruitment, social platform etc.) to third parties supply chain to handle messages and services, same as your online subscription, orders and other relevant banking and other financial institutes. Through authorization to pass on to the next successor, and its registered account used by of corporal subscribed employees. We may publish your information and avoid being charged under the following circumstances: Abide by court laws and instructions, governmental requisites, or following rational usage base on legal regulations.

    We will also use the integrated information chart to operate the following:

    Establishing market operation porfile, subsidies and development
    Adjust and negotiate with advertisers and clients, and commercial effect inspection
    Inspect internet usage status, the use of cookies

    We use cookies to know your preferences, so you may use our website more customized. Cookies is a message type that we send to your computer hardware for verifying your identity, this message may cover your usage of the website, your IP Address, device type, basic information, consumer habits etc. In addition, if you visited our website through a third party link, then the message also includes the link's URL. If you are a registered user, all registered information will be included for verification.

    We might use the following cookies to acquire information as follow:
    Verify returned users, login users, and registered users and become a more personalized user interface.
    Allow you to visit our website freely.
    Tracking your visiting status is a way to provide you better service and fulfill your demands
    Invalid checking or violating to user agreement, product services wil update to you.
    We offer you more personalized promotion according to your needs

    Assist handling application procedures if you have applied for a position through our website

  • Calculating the number of visitors

    You may delete the cookies on your disk anytime. However, then you will need to re-login your account. You may also proceed settings through the browser to prevent cookies stored into the hardware. This might weaken the website's functions, preventing you from visiting your account on the web, and no longer browsing some of its contents and special news. To know how to stop cookies from being stored into your computer hardware, you may go to the menu category on the website through the browser.

  • Safety Policy

    IV Markets adapts an appropriate way to ensure client's messages are protected from unauthorized visits, usage, modification or accidental damages and losses. Client's information is likely to be delivered to any data processing organizations outside IV Markets. However, all the above mentioned and required services can only be executed under IV Markets instructions. You are fully understanding and allow IV Markets

  • Data Transmission

    The internet is a global public environment. The internet allows personal information to be collected and be delivered to international data transmission for procedures. Therefore, when browsing the website and communicating with us through e-mail, you have ensured and agreed to process your personal data using the above mentioned example. If you agree us to transfer your data to thrid parties in an attempt to send product information and services back to you, meaning that you have agreed to send your information organization to other countries.

  • Clients managing and using personal data

    If you wish to change or set personal preferences in your personal information in IV Markets, please login IV Markets and proceed this action within your account, we will also preserve and verify your original data.
    If you wish to acquire please e-mail to [email protected] and contact with privacy policy specialist
    We will charge these kinds of messages within the legal permission range
    Children under 16
    We do not collect any personal information from anyone who is under 16 years old. We will assure you to delete any information accordingly from any reports delivered by parents/guardians

  • Policy Change

    We will modify our privacy policies including but not limited to IV Markets publication every period of time, copyrights and other policies. This is to ensure relevant laws, precautions and services are maintained the same. Please check in routine to our website by login.

  • IV Markets risk assessment

    Risk Statement
    Please read the following information thoroughly and make sure that you are fully aware and understand the leveraged derivative products including forex and CFD provided in IV Markets before you start to trade. Leveraged products may NOT be suitable for all investors since these carries high level of risk to your capital and it is possible to lose more than your invested capital. It is your responsibility to fully understand that when trading on a margin or leverage basis, your capital is at risk, and carefully consider your investment objectives, trading knowledge and experience, and affordability. Please do not trade if you are unable to afford the loss the trading that may bring. it is recommended to consult independent and professional suggestions if you have any questions or concerns about the product IV Markets provide Please note that IV Markets do NOT intervene or take responsibility for the loss caused by following trading advices or copy trades.

    Contract For Difference,CFD
    Contract for difference (also known as CFD) is a contract between an investor and a CFD broker to exchange the difference in the value of an asset in global financial market, from the time the contract is open, to the time the contract is closed. CFD is a popular form of derivative trading. It enables investors to speculate the future price of the assets, either rising or falling, but the investor does not own the underlying asset. CFD are typically offered with leverage with high risks involved and may cause great losses higher than their original deposit.

    Margin Requirements and liquidation
    Trading on margin means when trading contract for difference (CFD), only a percentage of the asset’s value is required to be paid. Traders are allowed to open positions much larger than their own capital , which is also known as leverage trading, margin trading. This percentage of the asset’s value used to trade is called margin.
    Please note that in leverage trading, both losses and gains are magnified as a result. A small fluctuation in price moving can make a big difference depending on the market and the direction of trades’ choice.

    The loss can exceed the trader’s deposit and you will need to make deposits to hold the positions. If the margin level falls below the percentage required (equity/margin used*100% is lower or equal to 100%). The trade with the largest floating loss will be closed automatically to release the margin to make the margin level higher than the stop out level.

    IV Markets do not take responsibility or compensate for the liquidation resulted from marketing factors. The account holder will bear any consequences created in this process.

    Spread is simply defined as the price difference between the ask and the bid price. It is the primary cost in trading. The lower the spread is, the less cost investors pay.
    Spread can be influenced by multiple factors like volatility and liquidity. A higher than normal spread indicates high volatility and low liquidity that can be resulted from out-of -hour trading, executing between trading sessions, historical events (911), big shocks (Brexit, US Elections), releases on the economic calendar (such as Non-Farm Payroll statistics).
    The change in spread affects not only the cost , but also the floating profit and loss in the positions. In other words, when spreads widen, investors may need more free margin even facing the risk of liquidation.

    Locked Positions (Hedging)
    In CFD trading, locked position (hedging) is a method used often when the market is different from investor’s expectation, but the investor decides to hold the position and wait for bouncing, instead of closing it, without increasing loss, By hedding both loss and profit are locked.
    There are full or partial hedging. Full hedging means opening a new trade with same lots, same product, but opposite position. For partial hedging the total lots opened of the new trades mismatch the lots of the trades opened before.
    The margin used in full hedging varies in each trading platform. It is necessary for investors to confirm the margin requirement before they start to trade. Although the profit or loss is locked, the floating loss can still increase greatly when spread is widened. Swap is also one of the reasons the floating loss keeps increasing. These can lead to liquidation even under full hedging conditions.

    Swap Long/Short
    If a position is held after the end of the trading session of that day, the investor is charged for swaps. To put it another way, there is no swap if the position is closed by the end of the trading session. The swap varies based on the direction the investor chooses. The swap rate can be either negative or positive, and it updates depending on our liquidity provider. It is suggested for investors to check the specification of the product before opening positions.

    Market Analysis
    The materials posted in IV Markets, including but not limited to viewpoint shared, comments from experts, trading strategies, business and financial news, researches, analysis, price does not represent trade advice from IV Markets. Investors shall consider carefully before starting to trade. IV Markets do not take any responsibility for all the loss caused from the materials above.

    Asset Management
    We, IV Markets, deal with you as an Agency Broker. This means IV Markets operates on an execution-only basis, where any Trades placed by you on our trading platform will be transmitted through our platform directly to our liquidity providers for execution. We encourage our clients to trade on their own and do not provide asset management services. If a client is interested in a certain earning investor, it is still advised that clients shall consider their financial conditions carefully and understand the trading strategy thoroughly before beginning to copy the investor’s trades. IV Markets do NOT deal with or intervene the loss resulted from copying trades.

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy and Procedures

    Purpose of this AML/CTF Policy
    This AML/CTF policy has been prepared so that IV Markets Limited can assess the potential money laundering and terrorist financing (“AML/CTF”) risks to which it may be exposed and to manage those risks within the legislative framework. The policy demonstrates the extent of IV Markets Limited’s Client Due Diligence (“CDD”) measures – that it is comprehensive, proportionate and appropriate to the nature, scale and complexity of IV Markets Limited’s activities in the light of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing facing the business. IV Markets Limited’s AML/CTF policy was updated in May, 2020. This policy is reviewed annually.

    Through this policy, procedures, the IV Markets ensures that it has adequate internal controls and monitoring systems in place to mitigate against the risk of money laundering or terrorist financing. These should alert all relevant people if criminals attempt to use the business for money laundering.

    Regulatory Obligations
    1) IV Markets Limited must have systems and controls to identify, assess and monitor money-laundering risk as well as Client Due Diligence (“CDD”) measures and monitoring to manage the risks identified.
    2) In combating terrorist financing, the obligation on IV Markets Limited is to report any suspicious activity to the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”).
    3) This supports the aims of the law enforcement agencies in relation to the financing of terrorism, by allowing the freezing of property where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that such property could be used to finance terrorist activity, and depriving terrorists of this property as and when links are established between the property and terrorists or terrorist activity.
    4) IV Markets Limited is required to determine the extent of CDD measures and monitoring on a risk- sensitive basis depending on the type of customer, business relationship and product or transaction.

    Customer Information Required
    To comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Regulations 2014, the following customer information is required:
    *Full name
    *Date of birth
    *ID number (National Identifier)

    US Legal Obligations
    Even though IV Markets Limited does not accept US residents as clients, the US criminal money laundering laws, in particular the USA Patriot Act 2001 (as amended), have an extra-territorial effect. Where IV Markets Limited deals in the US Dollar or maintains banking relationships there is a risk that US regulations and sanctions may apply.

    Record Keeping
    Evidence of all monitoring undertaking by IV Markets Limited will be retained for a period of at least seven years from the date of the review.

    Anti-money laundry and anti-terrorist financing
    Anti-money laundry and anti-terrorist financing policies are assessment tools used by IV Markets to count and control potential money laundering and. Terrorist financing activites. This policy demonstrated how IV Markets is dedicated to the clients, this money laundering and terrorist financing activities have been taken to appropriate precautions. IV Markets anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policies were updated on March 2020, and will be reviewed every year.

    Through this policy and procedure, IV Markets ensures its internal supervision system reduces the risk of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. We hereby advise all relevent personnel to be aware that criminals may use platforms to carry out anti-money laundering activities.